Focus on what...

So I'm a word geek. It's been in my nature since about the second grade when I won my first Spelling Bee contest. Since then I love expanding my vocab when it comes to writing papers and various other things. This week the topic is "focus" so of course, I felt inclined to find the meaning of the word in all forms and what I found was extremely interesting. (Of course, I'll share)

Focus (n). the center of interest or activity; the state or quality of having or producing a clear visual definition

Now I'm going to break this down because these two definitions really blessed me. When it comes to having strength in God and having spiritual strength, in general, you need to have a focal point right? God is our focus. He should become the center of everything we do. We should honor him through everything we are able to do because without him nothing would be possible. Yet sometimes we fall short and we don't make him the center of interest. He gets placed on the backburner as we find another center of interest for our activities.

Focus (v). to adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly; pay particular attention to

Now focus as a verb is also very interesting. The first definition struck me as interesting because sometimes we aren't seeing our situations clearly. When we state that God should be the focus of our lives we are very much distracted. It's like when you have a pair of glasses that have the wrong prescription. Yeah, they're still glasses, but you can't see clearly out of them. Therefore you could be looking at a situation or circumstance or situation incorrectly because you are not viewing it in the way that you need to be. To have focus in a spiritual sense suggests that we should get the correct prescription and see god clearly and see our situation as God needs us to see it.

Having God at the center of our lives is necessary yet difficult. One main reason why it's so difficult ins the pressure we place on ourselves. We have jobs, families to take care of, and our own personal interests. To get to the point here, we have multiple roles that are constantly in competition with our role as a son or daughter of Christ. That's when it becomes complicated. We are trying to juggle multiple roles and in the end those win over our relationship with God.

This week I want to talk more about focusing with God and in the end ultimately understanding that focus is about adapting. In order to focus, distractions have to be eliminated and we need to be able to clearly see who God is to us and how we can grow within our relationship with Him.